We don’t have one.


Spatial planning currently faces highly complex challenges. Each municipality, region and urban area is unique and has its own distinctive character. Our methods, therefore, must be at least as distinctive. To offer the ideal solution in any given case, we draw on a comprehensive set of tools and instruments. We are motivated and inspired to respond to every project with precisely the right method. The Modul5 method.


From the inside out.


Careful development ‘from the inside out’ is more than a method; it’s the basis of all our planning. That’s why we always start with what already exists. We acknowledge, consider and appreciate what was and what is. This concerns the limited resource of land, just as much as it pertains to those who interact with and inhabit it – in cities, communities, countries and regions. We prefer to optimise existing spaces before creating new ones. Development from the inside out is organic and logical. It’s how we combine transformation and security. And create trust.


Let’s talk about it.


Our world is no longer linear – it’s full of conflicts and conjunctions. More so with each passing day. How does this modern reality affect spatial planning? How can we reconcile opposing claims to a particular space? We’re convinced that there is sufficient space for a society that’s as cohesive as possible to achieve a sustainable future. This is why there is only one real solution: discussion and discourse that’s as constructive and authentic as possible. We help communities, cities and regions to manage this tricky stuff – to consider the objections and equitably analyse the pros and cons.